Solar FTP Server

Solar FTP Server is a handy and easy to use personal FTP server with features like virtual directories, simple and intuitive user interface, real-time activity monitoring and management.

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Simple to use

Friendly and intuitive user interface allows you to share your files quickly.

Virtual directories

Allows you to map virtual directories to physical directories.

Online users

Real-time activity monitoring and management

Server Logs

Detailed logs of ftp sessions and server errors.



Solar FTP Server 2.2

Added new FTP commands. Improved server stability.

28 Aug 2011

Solar FTP Server 2.1.2

Fixed exploits in USER and PASV commands.

20 Jul 2011

Solar FTP Server 2.1.1

Fixed buffer overflow exploit.

17 Jan 2011

Solar FTP Server 2.1

Improved FTP server stability and performance.

04 Jan 2011