Solar FTP Server 2.2

August 28th, 2011

We are pleased to announce a new version of Solar FTP server. We are not only solved the vulnerability found by Craig Freyman and Gerardo Iglesias (previous fix was not successful), which crashed a server, but also fixed a bug when deleting a directory (RMD command).

In version 2.2 we’ve added new FTP commands:

RNFR/RNTO – these two FTP commands are used to rename a file/directory on the server. RNFR specifies the name of existing file/folder to be renamed. RNTO specifies the new name of the file/folder which is selected by RNFR command.
XMKD – make a directory. Similar to MKD.
XRMD – remove a directory. Similar to RMD.
XCUP – change the current working directory to the parent. Similar to CWUP.
XPWD – print the current working directory. Similar to PWD.

XMKD, XRMD, XCUP, XPWD are added to make Solar FTP Server compatible with RFC 775.

The server administration console now shows the correct list of all online users. In the previous versions, console did not show the list of current connected users. Only new connections are shown in the list.

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